Why Moonlight Won Best Picture…

Whispers of a Womanist

Even prior to receiving the highest honor of Sunday evening’s ceremony, Moonlight acquired abundant acclaim. The film, while praised for its narrative of a black gay male, encompasses a duality that warrants its acceptance by the The Academy.

On the surface, Moonlight tells the story of “Little” a young black man born into less than favorable circumstances in Miami. He’s small and not as brute as the boys his age. His mother, Paula, is young and addicted to drugs. Her priorities are in disarray and not capable of giving her child the love and nurture he needs to be a confident member of the harsh world that encompasses him. While dodging a beating one afternoon, Little meets Juan, a local drug dealer. Juan, played by the masterful Mahershala Ali, becomes a father figure for Juan. He teaches him pride and encompasses the diasporic African. Thus, Juan not only makes Little’s…

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Author: blackempowerment1

I am just one Victim of Racism that is on his assignment to replace the System of Racism White Supremacy with a System of Justice.

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