It’s 2018 We’re Not Supposed To Be Going Through This! (When Did Racism End?)

How many times have you heard black people say it’s 20–, insert year and we should not be going through this?  You tend to hear this form of shock from more confused Victims of Racism White Supremacy.  They will experience an overt form of white people practicing Racism White Supremacy and say gosh I can’t believe this is happening to me in 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18.  PSA, black society, Racism White Supremacy has not ended and things have not gotten better, they have only been refined to make Racism more acceptable to Victims.  There is no such thing as an improved version of White Supremacy, the entire System must be ended.  I will use the analogy of the prison system.  As an inmate in greater confinement, you may get certain privileges, better commissary, more recreation time in some institutions as opposed to some of the more poorly ran institutions.  That being the case, no matter what comfort you are getting, whether it is a better visitation situation or a cell with a chair in it, you are still a prisoner and you are still in prison.

The majority of people who are classified as black have taken the position that they are not going to focus on Racism White Supremacy and they are not going to expose their offspring to Racism.  My response to this, is I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your offspring were exposed to racism starting in the womb.  Your logical options as Victims of Racism, is how are you going to counter Racism?  How are you going to teach your offspring how to counter Racism?  Choosing to ignore Racism White Supremacy is not going to solve the problem.  It is only going to lead to more confused younger black people, who do not understand white people, who do not understand Racism and do not understand the environment into which they have been born into. Black attempted parents that have taken the position that they are not going to teach their offspring about White Supremacy Racism is the same as not teaching your offspring that a stove is hot or safety around water, or teaching your offspring to look both ways before crossing a busy intersection. A younger black female asked me a question, what did her color have to do with anything?  In which I responded, unfortunately in a System of Racism White Supremacy, your color has everything to do with everything. Because White Supremacy is a system created to mistreat people based on color.

Unfortunately black people have been duped into thinking we are in a Post-Racial society and nothing could be further from the truth and many black people young and old continue to pay the consequences for thinking so.  The next time you hear an old or young black person saying, I can’t believe this is still happening in 2018, you may just want to ask them a few questions.  1. When did Racism White Supremacy end? 2. What gave you the impression that Racism was over?  With all the overt Racism that is going on in the world daily, it would be interesting to hear their response.  This type of general response from black people does show that the System of Racism White Supremacy is most effective and the illusion of inclusion has black people in mass confusion!


Author: blackempowerment1

I am just one Victim of Racism that is on his assignment to replace the System of Racism White Supremacy with a System of Justice.

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