When You Play Around With Sex, The Joke Is On The Offspring

Third generation General and Child Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and author of The Isis Papers, The Keys To The Colors stated that when you play around with sex the joke is on the offspring.  Bedroom activities should be the last stop on any Non-White person list.  Before you make it to the bedroom a black person should have already mapped out, how they are going to provide for the offspring.  Every part of your offsprings life should mapped out, everything from how you plan to educate your offspring in a Racist society to how you plan to care for your offspring and provide your offspring with the financial and emotional support they will need to flourish.  Home school vs sending your offspring off to be educated by Racist White women and the Racist White Supremacists Educational System.  A Counter Racist Strategy should be put into place, not only for you and your partner but for your offspring before hitting the bedroom to workout.  Racism White Supremacy to say the least is challenging enough, approaching raising offspring or trying to have a stable relationship with a black male or female without a Counter Racist Strategy in place is like playing the lottery, your chances of winning or being successful are slim to none.  A firm plan should be in place before the offspring is conceived, on how you are going to teach the offspring about white people; how the offspring will be educated about the System of Racism White Supremacy, which is war waged against Non-White people and specifically black people.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said in her book The Isis Papers that “Today, just as in the slave society, Black teenage girls are caught up in a similar destructive dynamic:  producing human beings who subsequently are subjected to low-level development and treated in inhuman ways”.  It has to be drilled into black youths that black children do not make adequate mothers or fathers and are in no way prepared to deal with raising offspring properly or countering White Supremacy effectively.  Dr. Welsing went on to say  “Further, if Black people are to ever to evolutionize their situation from oppression to justice and liberation, they will have to shift their present patterns of behavior radically such that marriage will not be considered before the age of 30.”  “In keeping with this approach, childbearing should not be considered before the age of 32 to 35.  “This will provide both parents sufficient opportunity to maximize levels of emotional maturity and to work to overcome deficits experienced in emotional development during their own early years.”

To bring this point home, I will quote some more from Dr. Welsing’s monumental book The Isis Papers.

“There is an African proverb that states, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation.” I will paraphrase it:  “The level of emotional maturity in the hand that rocks the cradle determines the fate of the nation.”  A people on their sojourn through time (history) are somewhat like a ship on the ocean.  If many people aboard the ship have extensive knowledge of the sea and navigation, that ship will have an excellent chance of reaching the desired destination.  On the other hand, when the people aboard the ship lack knowledge of the sea and navigation, more than likely the ship – should the sea become at all rough – will flounder into destruction.”

“Black people in the U.S. are in a parallel condition.  The critical decisions that Black people make now about Black children becoming the parents of other Black children will determine whether the ship reaches its destination intact or flounders off course and sinks, bringing almost certain death to all.  If present conditions persist, history will record that Black people living in the U.S. failed to survive the 20th century A.D.  This failure will occur, not simply because they were a captured and oppressed people, but because  they permitted themselves to become a blind people without any social vision or understanding.”  The Isis Papers P. 262 – 263.

Black people, we are in no position to be playing and clowning around about anything, especially sex and how we raise our offspring.  We need to be making certain we are preparing our offspring to realistically navigate the battlefield in which they are being born onto.  Making the decision to not teach your children about white people and Racism white Supremacy in a System of Racism White Supremacy is extreme child abuse.  We cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand and hope for white people to stop practicing Racism, it will not happen.  We cannot pray the problem away, we cannot wish the problem away.  We are going to have to take our Brain Computers off of auto-pilot and put them to work solving the greatest problem on this planet, White Supremacy!



Author: blackempowerment1

I am just one Victim of Racism that is on his assignment to replace the System of Racism White Supremacy with a System of Justice.

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