Does Focusing On Racism White Supremacy Cause Mental Illness?

In Black society there is a very strong suspicion that whenever a black person gets serious about Racism White Supremacy, that black person is crazy or, the possibility of that black person going crazy has somehow increased.  This would be laughable if it were not such a dominant and prevalent force within Black society.  Lets think about this logically, does focusing on countering Racism White Supremacy really drive a black person insane?  Or is this a stigma that has been implanted by the Racist White Supremacists?  I am going to place my bet on the latter.  This is in fact Racist logic, that has been beaten into and programmed into black thought for centuries now.  In 1851 a Racist White Supremacist physician by the name of Samuel A. Cartwright concocted a pseudoscience mental illness called Drapetomania, a supposed mental illness that caused black slaves to flee enslavement.  Of course this is nothing less than Scientific Racism.  Unfortunately a lot of this type of sentiment and thinking is alive and well in black society and throughout the black diaspora today in 2018.

It is my view that nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact it has been my observation that, NOT focusing on Racism White Supremacy, causes extreme mental illness.  One can observe a myriad of these dysfunctional behaviors just observing black people anywhere in the world today.  Escapism is a major problem within black society all over the world, alcoholism, overeating, cannabis, excessive television watching etc.  For instance, as I type this post, many black people are engaged in watching the March Madness.  Black athletes can be seen crying over a basketball game, that ultimately helps to maintain White Supremacy and keeps millions of black people confused about what is really happening on the planet.  Blacks who refer to themselves as Americans and think that the constitution was written for them is also problematic and are more likely to say a black person who is focusing on the #1 problem that black people face is crazy or may lose their mind.  It’s also ironic that those black people that will say that a black person is crazy for focusing on RWS will in the same breath reference Tim Wise an admitted Racist White Supremacist, undoubtedly a serious white man.  It goes to show you that as black people, we are just not thinking logically when we are thinking about Racism, we ignore all of the great Afrikans that have worked their entire lives countering Racism White Supremacy but when we feel the need to reference an expert on Counter Racism, we reference a white person who by his own admission is an admitted White Supremacist.  Really?  I have seen no evidence that Tim Wise has even stopped practicing Racism.  This is an extremely dangerous white man, because he gives black people a false hope, sort of like White Jesus returning to the plantation and freeing all the slaves.  No black person should be recommending Tim Wise, a white person when we have Neely Fuller Jr., Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Gus T. Renegade, Dr. Marimba Ani, Chancellor Williams, Trojan Horse Pam publications and many more.

To the White Supremacists, all people classified as black are insane and are deemed criminals anyway.  To my knowledge, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, and the latest Victim of Racism Stephon Clark were not attempting to counter racism and they still bumped into Racism White Supremacy head on and met with a violent death, in less I have been misinformed.  If we were on the plantation and I am still going to be beat, raped, and overworked etc. anyway, why  not try and counter white supremacy?  The thing as a black person you are already born into White Supremacy, trying to sit on the sideline is not a real option, because even as you sit on the sideline,s you have your uniform that you were born with on and this makes you an eligible target for the Racist (white people) to mistreat you.  This is another sign, in my opinion from the CREATOR that black people should be on our Cosmic assignments of countering the System of White Supremacy, if as a black person, your risk of countering White Supremacy is the same as a black person, that is not countering White Supremacy, then you really don’t have anything to lose do you?  The other factor that helps to promote blacks to come to this illogical stance, that focusing on Racism White Supremacy will drive you insane, is the Christian factor.  Christianity being the Religious Arm of White Supremacy with a white God head (White Jesus) as the Savior of black people.  My observation has been so called black Christians have a harder time deactivating their white chip or silencing that little white traffic cop, that is inside of every black person’s head.

Personally for me, when I started to get more serious about learning about Racism White Supremacy, that’s when my mental health improved.  As Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. author of The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept a Compensatory Counter-Racist Code and author of The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept a Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide both of which can be purchased at, advised the White Supremacists have made their business of dominating their Niggras their fun too.  Non-White people have to learn this Codification and start making the business of countering Racism White Supremacy and putting it out of business our fun also.  I don’t think Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. both who dedicated their entire lives, could do so without getting some pleasure and gratification out of doing so.  Black people have to learn to look at countering White Supremacy from a scientific point of view and not an emotional point of view.  This is the major disconnect most black people do not understand.  Once you gain a better understanding of what Racism is and how it works, you stop being shocked by what Racist do.  Racism White Supremacy is war waged against Non-White people.  Unfortunately most blacks do not understand they are in a war, nor do we understand white people, it’s what Mr. Fuller calls a “Double Whammy.”  I enjoy learning about how to counter White Supremacy, it’s my pleasure in life, I hate being on the plantation and being dominated, I love getting to my house so that I can get into research on white people.  White Supremacy retards it’s victims critical thinking skills. No business ignores their biggest threats or problems and expects to remain in business.  Why should black people adopt this type of stance?  Especially, since the pressures of Racism White Supremacy is what is actually driving black people crazy, generally black people, who lack a basic understanding of the System of Racism White Supremacy.  It’s illogical to think you will be successful at anything without serious, calculated and critical focus.  Yet, this is exactly the approach that the majority of black people take.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, all the while expecting different results.  You see this on display with black people everyday as they continue to try and march, protest and beg white people to treat them correctly, all while refusing to seriously analyze white people, this is mental illness.

In closing my Calculus Professor and I were talking and I was expressing my frustrations with Calculus.  He asked me how much time was I honestly putting into Calculus?  I had to admit to him, due to a busy schedule, (work, family, and life) I was not putting too much time into studying Calculus.  He said that is why you are confused and struggling.  This Suspected White Supremacist also went on to tell me my mental attitude was incorrect in approaching Calculus.  The professor said he would have never got his PhD in mathematics if he approached Calculus as something that was hard, or a pain or a problem that could not be solved.  The professor said, he approached mathematics as a challenge.  The professor also said the harder the problems the more excited he would get about solving the problems.   Of course the professor had to become SERIOUS about Mathematics and stop playing.  I never forgot this and found a lot of lessons in what the white professor shared, that I could apply to Counter Racism Science.  First you have to put in the work, that is research, read, study and try to learn everything there is to know about White Supremacy and white people in general.  You will not understand what you are not studying and trying to understand.  Secondly, approach Racism White Supremacy as a problem that can be solved and not an impossible system that cannot be dismantled.  Accept your assignment and challenge and learn how to start checkmating your opponent the White Supremacists.  It’s ironic that Math professors also often get called “crazy”, and it’s no coincidence that people that are good at math are often good problem solvers too.  I would suggest that you ask any black person that is suggesting that you will go crazy by focusing constantly on Racism White Supremacy, provide evidence of this fictional phenomenon, provide the name of at least one black person.  Ask black people, how come white people have not went crazy for their dedication to studying, dominating, and terrorizing black people?  Lastly, black people must learn to become Codified and start to look at countering White Supremacy from a scientific perspective.  As we continue to be murdered and mistreated, all black people need to dedicate as much time, and energy as possible to focusing our attention and efforts, on the problem, White Supremacy.  It will improve your mental health and help you to better understand the world and the problems we face as a result of Racist Man, Racist Woman and Racist Child.

Peace Black Family!